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Sullivan's Island Sandbars

The waters off Sullivan's Island have been a watermen's/waterwomen's playground for a long time. And those who've paid attention over the years know the sandbars off the beach are always changing, which in turn is always changing the experience when playing out there in the ocean.

On April 20th, I captured some aerial drone video and photos of these sandbars in their current state on that day at dead low tide. There has been a lot of interest from the local ocean athlete and boating community on where the sandbars are located and how they look, so I'm posting it here for everyone to review...and to refer back to. Because by this Fall and certainly by next year, I'm sure it will look different. By how much? We'll see...but I'll try to document it in this same fashion once or twice each year. It will be fun and interesting to see the changes over time.

The following 2 minute video has 3 scenes:

1) 360 degree view of all the sandbars (starting with view towards the lighthouse)

2) left (south) to right (north) view of the main sandbar along the beach (from oceanside, looking towards the beach)

3) view of Station 28.5 to Station 30 area (from oceanside, looking towards the beach)

This first photo is looking directly towards Station 28.5 from outside the sandbar. The next several following photos are in sequential order from left to right in 360 degree view.

Another view of the area in front of Station 28.5 and Station 29

Breach Inlet

The area in front of Station 29 and Station 30

Station 30

Breach Inlet and the sandbars on the Isle of Palms side (this and the next two photos)

Looking towards the outside of Breach Inlet

The narrow channel/inlet in front of Station 28.5

Looking out at the rock jetty at Station 30

Looking towards Station 30 from in front of Station 28.5

Looking towards Station 30 and Station 29 from Breach Inlet

Looking directly towards Station 30

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