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It seems there are a lot of Charleston specific travel and food websites, blogs, and Instagram pages but there isn't anything that showcases and celebrates the local Charleston area ocean athletes and their favorite sports. This website and its corresponding social media channels will help fill that gap.


Through a combination of blogging, social media, and photos/videos, we will focus on all disciplines of surf, wind, paddle, and foil sports, with a "ride everything" ethos. There will be an emphasis on the sports themselves as well as some of the individuals who enjoy them. We will showcase everyone from the pro to the weekend warrior, and men/women/kids of all ages. We welcome local businesses and events that are relevant to the brand and its mission. We aspire to share experiences, inspire others, and celebrate it all.

Please follow us on all the social media channels (see icons below).

Charleston Ocean Athletes is the creation of Waterturtle Media LLC, and is based in Charleston, SC. 

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