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If you're visiting Charleston...

...check out the different sections below on where to ride, brush up on local beach and surf etiquette, and other useful tips for visitors.


Where to Ride

As far as the surfing spots, well...even though there are some already well known spots (the Washout anyone?), out of respect for the locals, this is a closely guarded secret. Ask a local surf shop or a friend, but there are plenty of spots to spread out and catch some waves on any of the beaches. Sometimes the fun is in the search.


Wind & paddle spots? Click here. 

Dark Ocean
Dark Ocean


The goal is to keep everyone safe and have fun. It's also very important to be good partners with the local communities by not putting anyone else in danger (such as swimmers, kids playing on the beach, etc). Please practice good surf and wind sport etiquette when at the beach and on the water. Click here for more info

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