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Ocean Athletes Night

Updated: Jun 20

Mex1 on Sullivan's Island recently hosted Ocean Athletes Night on Thursday, May 30th. It was co-sponsored by Charleston Ocean Athletes, Force Kite & Wake, Cabrinha, and Pacifico. It was a fun evening with a big turnout of the local surf, wind, paddle, and foil community. We enjoyed Mex1's food and drink, watched local & global action films, talked story, and reveled in the camaraderie.

The community - that's what it's all about. We may have differences amongst us in terms of opinions, belief systems, and life experiences but one thing we share in common is our love of being out on the water. Charleston Ocean Athletes celebrates you. Ride everything. Ride anything.

I heard some great comments and feedback on the event such as "It was great seeing everyone", "It was awesome to have the community together like that", and "I am inspired to get out in the water after watching the films." That's why we put on this event.

Speaking of films, the local films that premiered at this event were a big hit. Here they are...

This new one from yours truly, Charleston Ocean Athletes:

Guiding Light Drones (Syd Meyer) premiered an exciting new kiteboarding short film:

In addition, we showed this little teaser of a new project that Charleston Ocean Athletes and Guiding Light Drones are working on together. Syd of Guiding Light Drones did a great job of filming and editing this teaser clip for a local womens' specific kiteboarding short film we're working on. Stay tuned for the premiere date announcement!

Force Kite & Wake also premiered a new short film of local kiteboarding and prone surf foiling:

And...we also showed this Charleston Ocean Athletes short film that premiered last year:

What a great evening! A big thank you to Mex1 and the other sponsors!

Follow Charleston Ocean Athletes and Mex1 on Instagram for future Ocean Athletes Night events.

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